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Have you ever gotten a perm or color but your hair didn't hold up well? There are many reasons why this happens. We are going to explore one of those reasons today; elasticity.

Your hair has the ability to stretch and retract. When hair is wet it should stretch about 50% of its length and bounce back. When it is dry it should stretch about 20% of it's length. If a strand of your hair stretches and retracts then your hair is balanced. If it doesn't retract or quickly breaks, then, your hair needs rebuilding from the inside out!

Rebonding is becoming more understood and used in the salons. Olaplex is a line of products that helps rebuild the hair from the inside out. Step 1 and 2 are done in the salon. Step 0 and 3 are the follow up products that clients use at home. There are shampoo, conditioner, and styling products available too.

We have all heard about adding more moisture to our hair. I feel like the idea of getting more protein in the hair has been overlooked. If you don't have enough protein, your hair can't hold the moisture. So no matter how moisturizing your shampoo and conditioner are, it won't stay! If you have moisture loss, your hair will appear fly away and staticy. If you have protein loss, it will appear fly away and be dull and dry looking. If it has been like this for too long then split ends will appear. It can't be fixed instantly, but it can be repaired with some effort and the proper products. Extreme from Redken is a protein enriched line of products. Eleven Australia also has a 3 minute miracle for both protein and moisture.

Please proceed with caution. It is possible to over do a good thing! Contact me if you would like further consultation.

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