Enjoying Time in Our Home State

We arrived in Wisconsin around 10pm on Tuesday July,12th. On the way, we stopped on Clinton, IL to visit my friend Mark. We visited for an hour and saw his house and town. Since I've never had the chance to visit there before, I was happy we were able to fit it into the journey. It was a nice break in our 12 hour drive.

My dad was driving for the first leg after stopping in IL and I was texting friends to get together the next day. My friend and I have been running partners for more than 10 years. We pick up right where we left off every time I visit. Well, maybe not exactly. I used to be able to run the whole distance but this time I needed walking breaks. It's so hard to run consistently without your partner!

I was matched with a "little" through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program 20 years ago. Even though we are many miles apart, we still keep in touch. Her birthday was a few days before we arrived so I took her on an adventure to celebrate. We went to a climbing ropes and zip line course. It was a BLAST!!!!! We are both afraid of heights but we managed to climb to the second level of courses. It was quite a workout. We were able to complete 4 courses. We had time for one more, but we were both exhausted and thirsty.

I was blessed to spend time with two ladies I have known for about 40 years. I know, only old people say stuff like that but I just couldn't help myself. These are two amazing ladies!

Dad has spent time helping with landscaping around our relatives home. He has traveled around and visited with friends and family. He made potato salad and enjoyed a family gathering over the weekend. It is always great to catch up!

We have a few more days of visiting here then we venture on to Ohio! Oh and the lesson learned on this leg: you have to pay attention to how many clean undergarments you have left, otherwise you end up washing all of them while wearing your swim suit...

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