Hair Goals

Picture this with me.... Healthy, moisturized, shiny, well behaved hair. This is my goal for every client in my chair! I don't think it is too lofty. In fact, I believe it is a reasonable expectation. Now, I want to share how I learned this may be unrealistic or even counterproductive.

At the beginning of the winter, some of my weekly roller set clients mentioned that they were experiencing itchy and dry scalps. I had not been using conditioner on them regularly so I started using it every time I washed and set their hair. I was excited to do this because I love healthy and well conditioned hair. I was so proud and excited to see how smooth their hair had become. I happily continued my conditioning routine.

After about two months, they mentioned that their roller sets weren't lasting as long as usual. It took me a little while to think through why this would be happening. Then it occurred to me. The only change I made to their hair routine was regularly using conditioner. Although it helped the dry scalp situation, it also caused their sets to smooth out after only a few days. It was a bit of a wake up call to me that my hair goal might not be suitable to everyone. I now only condition their hair as needed.

Are your hair goals realistic? If not, what are you willing to compromise? Are you able to communicate your goals clearly? Is your hairstylist willing and able to help you achieve them?

Drop me an email if you would like help with your hair goals.

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