Planning the trip

Dad and I got together this past weekend to make some plans. If all the calculations are correct, we will tally 7366 miles and 112 hours of driving. Actually, it will be more because we need to make an uncharted venture into Arkansas so we can add it to the state count.

We have made a few purchases to assist in our travels. As of June 21st, we bought a cooler that plugs into the car so we don't have to use ice to keep food and beverages cool. Dad purchased a car top container so we have a little extra room inside the vehicle. Although all our plans have been made with Google maps, I did purchase a paper map, just in case we find ourselves without a signal.

Speaking of maps, our first extended stop will be in San Antonio, TX. However, we will be heading toward Salt Lake City, UT then going south through Moab, UT and 4 corners. San Antonio will include 3 nights in an airbnb tiny house. I am beyond excited to have a real tiny home experience. Drop a comment or send an email if you have any recommendations for places to see or things to do there! Hope to see you on the road!

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