Road Trip

My family likes to keep track of every state we have visited. Recently, we had a discussion on the qualifications. One person said you had to spend 24 hours in the state. Another said if you ate a meal there it qualifies. And another said you had to set foot on soil. We don't have any hard set rules so we will keep track by the honor system. At last count, my dad needs 7 states and I need 8.

In an attempt to check a few more off our list, My dad and I are heading out on a month long road trip. Starting July 2nd we will leave from McKinleyville, California. We will head south first toward San Antonio, Texas and swing through 4 corners on our way.

We plan to camp, stay in hotels, and stay with friends and family. Give us a shout out if you are willing to put up two travelers for a night or two.

I look forward to sharing the journey with you right here! Subscribe to stay informed of our whereabouts.

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