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Spiral Perms

Let's talk spiral perms! They have been around for many years, but they are getting more attention recently. Before you jump in, be sure your hair can handle a perm. Please schedule a consultation with a stylist if you don't have one you see regularly. They will be able to tell you if your hair is healthy enough to hold a curl. If not, they should recommend steps to get it perm ready.

Before your appointment, look through photos to get ideas. Have these available for discussion with your stylist. Here are some of the different types of spiral perms. Please let your stylist decide which is best for you.

  1. Spiral wrap: on regular rods wrapped on very small sections of hair using more that 100 perm rods.

  2. Boomerang perm: plastic tubes that connect into circles and feel like they weigh about 100 pounds when covered in soaking wet hair.

  3. Bender perm: Long sponge like tubes that are about 12 inches long allowing the hair to be wrapped from one end to the other with a consistent curl pattern.

  4. Piggyback: regular wrap perm that uses 2 perm rods per section of hair.

  5. Candlestick: can be done for shorter lengths that want the spiral look.

Getting a perm isn't a glamorous process. Be prepared to be in the salon for 3 or more hours depending on the length of your hair and the wrap style chosen by your stylist.

No matter what type of perm you get, please be sure to purchase the proper products to support your new curls.

If you don't have a regular stylist and want to talk about your current hair status, drop me an email or schedule a video consultation!

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