Texas to Tennessee

Oh the places we have been! We stayed in a tiny house in San Antonio from July 4th-7th.On the 5th we enjoyed lunch with Wally, and his daughter and her family. My dad and Wally haven't seen each other in over 25 years. It was so much fun to hear them talk about the softball days.

That evening, dad and I walked on the Riverwalk and went to the Alamo. The temperatures were around 100 degrees but it felt fabulous. Where we currently live, it rarely gets above 70 degrees. We were hungry but couldn't decide on a restaurant. There are many to choose from on the river and through the city streets. Then we spotted Rita's Pizza. We were able to get it by the slice and it was delicious!

The next day we met another friend of dad's, Bill, and his wife and another friend of theirs. Dad and Bill went to Officers Training Camp together. The other friend served as a nurse in the war and was married to another friend from OTC. It was interesting to hear stories and memories from Vietnam. After lunch we went to their house and enjoyed some time in the pool.

On July 7th we packed up and hit the road. Lenoir City, Tennessee was the next destination but we wouldn't make it in one day. In our effort to get to all the states we needed to set foot in Arkansas so we mapped our trip to Texarkana. It is on the boarder of Texas and Arkansas. We continued on through Louisiana and Mississippi. We finally came to rest in Alabama. This left only about 6 hours of driving for the next day. We got up and had breakfast then hit the road. Our journey took us from Alabama, through Georgia then into Tennessee and the Eastern time zone.

In Tennessee we were able to stay with friends at their home on the lake. It was fabulous to catch up, play cards, do some home repairs, and spend time on the water! For those of you that know my dad, he's not a fan of anything to do with water. He did enjoy two boat rides. I, on the other hand, enjoyed the boat rides and a kayak ride and a jet ski ride. Yes, I had on my SPF 55 and still managed to burn where I missed with the sunscreen. Oh well, the red will eventually turn to brown....

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