Wisconsin to Ohio

It was wonderful to see everyone in Wisconsin! It was also hard to say good-bye. However, we had more stops to make and people to visit. We were on our way on to Ohio Thursday July 21st. Although we have an EZpass, it was still in California. After a call to customer service, they assured us that we could pick one up at the Lake County Oasis office and it would be immediately active in Illinois. They also stated that it might not register in the other states, but the tolls would still go onto the account. For those unfamiliar with EZpass, there is a transponder that attaches to your windshield and it connects to your online account. It allows you to drive through tolls and automatically deducts the amount from your account. The fee deducted is about half the amount of paying with cash. We successfully went through the Illinois tollway. We approached Indiana and went through an EZpass only lane. There wasn't a gate, only a red or green light. The light never turned green, but we didn't want to hold up the line so we continued through. On the other end of the toll road, we discovered that our transponder was not registering in their system. Yes, we held up the line while the nice lady asked for the transponder number. I read it to her a few times but it didn't come up in the system. She asked if I wanted to read my credit card number to her to pay for the toll. Since I would be shouting it to the world, I said "Not really". Finally, she said we could go online within 5 days to pay it. I was afraid to look at the line that had developed behind us. I'm sure that the car top carrier gave us away as the car that held up the line but I didn't make eye contact with any other drivers.

For future reference, it can take up to 48 hours for the EZpass to become fully registered. And the Lake County Oasis office doesn't open until 10am.

Photos are looking north from the oasis and dad standing in line.

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